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About Us


Active Management:

We are a company that focuses on our clients, who want to capture the best investment opportunities through an active management strategy. We are in a position to identify the best time to invest in new markets and create new products, and to make the right decisions.

Local knowledge, international standards:

Our Latin American vision, one of our major strengths, allows us to understand in depth the potential of each economic sector. Our analysts and portfolio managers visit more than 200 companies each year in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Colombia, viewing their offices, plants, production areas and distribution networks in order to check directly in the field the information provided by managers. We have local knowledge as a result of our geographical location, while at the same time we work with international standards and processes.


LarrainVial S.A. LarrainVial Chile. Isidora Goyenechea 2800, 15th Floor, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
Tel.: +562 2339 8500Teléfono: +562 2339 8500

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